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Остекление и отделка балконов площадью 9-10 кв. м

A spacious balcony with an area of ​​9-10 sq.m is an advantage of any home. The areas of its use are almost unlimited. By ordering warm plastic windows, you can organize a guest bedroom, a children's room, or a work mini-office here. It is very good to set up a creative workshop, a home “bar”, or even a greenhouse for flowers in such extensions. However, before this you should make repairs, choose a beautiful finish, and think about the interior design. Some homeowners order built-in furniture, which harmoniously organizes the space and helps avoid clutter.

Balcony 9 sq m

Glazing of balconies and its types

The main advantage of a large balcony is good lighting, which allows you to stop using electricity and save money. However, it is very important to choose wisely glazing that will emphasize this advantage and not spoil it.

The main advantages of glazing balconies of 9 or 10 sq.m:

  • Plastic profiles not only retain heat, but also improve sound insulation; the apartment will be much quieter.
  • Windows protect from precipitation, street dust, debris, and insects.
  • Homes with glazed extensions are much less likely to be penetrated by intruders.
  • Windows are additional protection for families with children, especially since they can be equipped with locking locks and handles with a key so that a child cannot open the sash.
  • After glazing, you can combine the extension with a room or kitchen to expand the usable area.

Therefore, more and more often, owners turn to window companies and order window installation.

Warm and cold glazing

Both options are suitable for such extensions. If the task is to turn a balcony into a living space, then you should choose warm – wooden or plastic – glazing. Windows made from natural materials are beautiful and environmentally friendly, but they are expensive and require careful care. Plastic is a worthy alternative to wood; good manufacturers do not use components harmful to health in their production (for example, Rehau does not use cadmium, the negative effects of which have been proven). PVC profiles retain heat well and protect from external noise. They are easy to clean, and if you are a fan of eco-style, you can choose not white profiles, but laminated ones, stylized as wood.

Plastic frames do not lose functionality under high humidity or temperature changes, and do not rot or mold.

The second option for glazing a balcony of 9-10 sq.m is cold aluminum profiles. They are chosen in the following cases:

  • When the extension will be used only in the warm season.
  • If the balcony is needed only for economic purposes, for example, as a warehouse or for drying clothes.
  • In houses of dilapidated housing stock. Worn slabs will not withstand the load of PVC structures and may collapse, so you have to limit yourself to lighter aluminum ones.
Balcony interior 9 sq m

With cold glazing, the interior space of the extension is protected from precipitation, wind, and debris, but the aluminum frames do not maintain a comfortable temperature for humans. On the loggia it will be only a couple of degrees warmer than outside the window.

Aluminum profiles can also be warm, in which case they are equipped with thermal inserts, but they are rarely found in apartments due to their high cost.

A separate type of cold glass is frameless glazing. Due to the absence of partitions, such windows look very attractive; the sashes can be moved completely or partially for ventilation.

Double-glazed windows

When glazing a balcony of 9-10 square meters, it is important to choose a suitable double-glazed window, on which the functionality of the system largely depends. Even a standard package from a reliable manufacturer provides good protection against heat loss and excess noise, is environmentally friendly and fireproof. Glass manufactured in compliance with the standards does not melt at a temperature of +150 degrees. Single-chamber options are rarely chosen; double-glazed windows, consisting of three glasses, two air chambers separated by a spacer, are more popular. The standard thickness is 30-58 mm; air or inert gas is used to fill the chambers.

In addition to regular glass, you can also use packages with additional options:

  • Energy saving. They maintain a comfortable temperature more effectively and allow you to abandon electrical heating appliances. Thermal insulation is increased by special spraying.
  • Soundproofing. If your balcony “looks” onto a busy site, construction site or highway, they will help maintain peace and quiet.
  • Armored. They are vandal-proof and safe, suitable for owners of apartments on the top floors. The former are made of heavy-duty triplex, the latter, when subjected to mechanical stress, disintegrate into non-sharp fragments that cannot be cut.
  • Sun protection. Protects from excessive UV radiation.
  • Mirrored. Covered with a special tinting that creates a mirror effect. Protect the privacy of residents and decorate buildings.

The choice of package depends on the features of the extension and the preferences of the owner.

Balcony 10 sq m

Child safety and animal protection

When coming up with an interior design for a balcony of 9-10 sq.m., some owners decide to arrange a children’s room in the extension. Therefore, you need to think about the safety of the child and equip window systems with special fittings that protect against falling out. And it is needed not only for the “high” floors, but also for the first.

Manufacturers offer several options for such mechanisms. Locking locks prevent the sash from opening completely, fixing it in a certain position for ventilation. A lock with a cable is suitable for sliding blocks; thanks to it, the sash swings open only to the length of the cable. Handles with keys are installed on doors that are rarely opened. They replace a regular handle and prevent the window from opening.

Pet owners should consider their safety. Cats are very curious, they love to sit on the window and look outside. And in the summer – breathe fresh air on the balcony, bask in the sun. However, these are predators. In pursuit of a bird or insect, a cat may jump out. The result is trauma, stress, some owners cannot find their pet or it dies.

The solution is simple – when designing the interior of a 10 sq.m loggia, consider installing a balcony-walk for a cat. It is a small structure made of galvanized steel, allowing the animal to enjoy fresh air and remain safe. Installation of the structure does not involve drilling holes, therefore, the tightness of the profile will not be affected.

What to consider when choosing glazing

Having decided to renovate a balcony of 10 or 9 square meters, to create an original design, as in the photo from glossy magazines, start with the right choice of window systems. If you are not going to insulate the extension and use it as a living space, you can save money by ordering cold glazing. The cheapest option is aluminum profiles. And thanks to sliding doors, you can save usable space. Such systems are undemanding in maintenance, the frame can be painted in any shade from the RAL catalog, and due to the coating it is not subject to corrosion even in the most “difficult” conditions.

A large balcony, the windows of which offer a beautiful view of the city or a forested area, can become more attractive thanks to frameless glazing. Choose this option if your priority is aesthetics, maximum natural light, and visual expansion of boundaries.

Those who plan to insulate a balcony or loggia in order to combine it with a room or kitchen need plastic profiles. They are practical, durable, can be white or colored, equipped with additional accessories and anti-burglary fittings. We offer window systems from Rehau, a German brand whose profiles are oriented towards operation in the Russian climate.

Balcony interior 10 sq m

Planning and arrangement solutions

When thinking about the interior design of a balcony or loggia of 9 sq.m., proceed from the purpose of the room. In such an extension you can place a study; in this case, choose finishing in unobtrusive neutral colors. For furniture, a computer chair with an armchair, a rack or shelves for books or papers are suitable. You can lay linoleum or laminate on the floor, and to make the “office” look interesting, hang pictures or arrange flower pots.

If you need a relaxation room where you can drink tea and admire the view from the window, buy a round table and a small sofa or a couple of armchairs. A wicker rocking chair will also work, and for maximum relaxation you can hang a hammock. The color range of finishes is different:

  • For modern design – a black and white ensemble or metallic gray.
  • For Scandinavian style – white with a small amount of bright details.
  • For country – natural shades of brown and beige.

Another option for arranging a balcony is a home gym. The color scheme for interior decoration can be any, but it is better to stick to fresh shades: green, blue, yellow. It is advisable to install warm floors or high-quality carpeting.

Loggia 10 sq m

The design of a balcony or loggia depends on the layout. For example, if the extension is narrow but long, the bar counter can be used to organize the corner space. And if it is wide, it can be located along the length of the wall. The attached bar counter at the line where the balcony meets the kitchen is practical and convenient.

If a 9 sq.m loggia is used as a utility room, it is important to properly organize the storage system. There are two options:

  • On a wide balcony, a cabinet or rack is placed next to the entrance along the load-bearing wall. You can also order a corner cabinet.
  • A narrow extension will become more convenient if you place cabinets along a short wall.

A loggia of 9 or 10 sq.m is a large extension that can be used in different ways. For example, you can arrange a rest room on it and at the same time an area for storing workpieces, tools, fishing rods, skis and a bicycle.

Loggia design 10 sq m

Combining a balcony with a kitchen or room

The balcony of 9 sq.m is spacious and roomy, allowing for various interior design options. Often, owners order windows, insulation and integration with the adjacent room. In this case, the following nuances are taken into account:

  • Before work you need to obtain permission. You can do this yourself or contact a window company that offers such a service. For example, “Windows of Germany” takes care of all bureaucratic issues.
  • The wall between the extension and the adjacent room may turn out to be load-bearing, so dismantling it is unacceptable. However, it is possible to design the partition as a bar counter or shelving.
  • A small threshold at the entrance can be easily transformed into a stylish element – a podium.
  • Gas stoves or radiators cannot be installed in the extension, even if combined with a kitchen. Therefore, the owner needs to order insulation, perhaps install a heated floor or use electric water heaters.

A 10 sq.m balcony allows you to express your imagination due to its impressive dimensions. However, when thinking about the interior, remember that the loggia is an external structure located on a slab, so its load-bearing capacity is limited. Heavy furniture, such as wood and massive decor, should not be placed here.

Options for finishing a balcony of 9-10 square meters. m

The spacious loggia will not be able to be used to its full extent unless repairs are made and finishing is ordered. This extension requires external and internal finishing.

In the first case, vinyl siding or corrugated sheets are used to cover the outside of the balcony. Siding is made from polyvinyl chloride, it is easy to install, durable, and attractive. Installation is possible at any time of the year, but the material has insufficient thermal efficiency and is prone to deformation when temperature changes occur. The corrugated sheet is covered with an anti-corrosion layer, due to which it is practical and durable.

For the interior decoration of a loggia or balcony of 10 or 9 square meters, choose plastic panels or lining. Modern plastic does not fade even in the sun and has a huge number of colors and shades, so the interior design can be whatever the owner wants. It is environmentally friendly, does not have an unpleasant odor, and increases the sound insulation of the extension. PVC panels are easy to install and maintain, and are durable. However, with temperature changes they can become deformed.

The lining is environmentally friendly, looks very interesting, and helps make the dream of rustic or eco-style come true. It is resistant to UV radiation, fireproof, and resistant to dampness and temperature changes.

As a floor covering, you can choose boards, linoleum, laminate. Some owners order the installation of heated floors, carpeting, and ceramic tiles.

Finishing a balcony 9-10 sq.  m

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